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Tim Petre


1929 Beloit St. Apt#218

Los Angeles, CA, 90025

Twenty Years of Experience in Visual Effects :

Method Studios :

Godzilla, King of Monsters : lead Creature TD

Avengers, Infinity War : Senior Creature TD

Industrial Light and Magic :

Transformers, the Last Knight (5) : senior creature TD

Digital Domain :

Beauty and the Beast: character TD,

Maleficent: character TD

Ironman 3: character TD

Zoic :

Falling Skies: organic modeling / rigging.

Fringe : Animation, Rigging, Modeling.

The Third Floor :

Journey to the center of the earth : previs

Norbit : previs.

Fantastic Four 2 : previs

Cafe FX/ Syndicate :

various commercials. Generalist

Rhythm and Hues :

Various Commercials (Mercedes Beast, Etc.) Character TD/Generalist and lead artist

Digital Domain :

commercial generalist

Zoic :

Firefly (TV), Xbox360(commercials) Character TD/Modeler/Animator

Radium :

Linkin Park : character TD/ modeler/Texture artist and animator

Savage Frog :
Pixel Magic :

Freddy Vs. Jason : Character TD / modeler

Powerpuff Girls, the Movie : modeler / generalist

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